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Want to join us at No Safe Words Hentai, then apply here or at our forums. Only apply if you are serious, we want people who are passionate about Hentai and actually want to work with it.NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, WE DO TAKE VIRGINS ;)

Take this application either post it here or send it to me.

Job Position:
Favorite Genres:
Most Hated Genres:


  1. Name:michel
    Job Position:scanner/raw provider
    Experience:i scanned lots of doujinshi
    Availabilty: when i have time to scan
    Favorite Genres: gender bender
    Most Hated Genres: yaoi
    here is my scan/translation catalog
    if you would like help with raw or to use my current or future raw scan please email there

  2. Name: StalkeR

    Job Position: Typesetter/Proofreader

    Experience: For typesetter, 0 experience. I am currently working with a small scan group, but the proofreader didn't start proofreading it, so I can't do any typesetting.
    For Proofreading, I've been taking English classes for 12 years. I understand English grammar and spelling really well.

    Availabilty: M-Thurs 5:00PM-11:00PM F-Sun 11:00AM-11:00PM

    Favorite Genres: Yuri

    Most Hated Genres: Yaoi